I told you so!

Folks, when your sysadmin, or even when your computer geek friend, tells you to do something a certain way, there is usually a very good reason.  For example, when I tell my group “This directory should be read-only for all developers,” I usually know what I’m talking about.  If people would listen to me the first time, then maybe there wouldn’t have to be a recovery from a mis-typed “rm -rf” command against that directory…

Please, just listen to your sysadmin.  Believe it or not, your sysadmin knows what he/she is doing (well, most of the time, anyway), and really does have your best interests at heart even if you’re not familiar enough with computer to understand why (s)he is asking you do what seems like more work than you should.  Safe computing often does take more effort than unsafe computing.

Safety clown says be smart, don’t be stupid.

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