I’m sorry, who are you?

That’s sort of what I’m saying right now.  We have a consulting group doing some sort of study on IT here at my company, and I’m being told the consultants need unsupervised root access to all my systems.  Consultants who I haven’t been introduced to, who I don’t know from Adam (or Eve), and who want to run a slew of scripts on each and every one of our machines, as root.

Dear consulting companies:  This is not how things are done.  You do not get root access to my servers, you submit your scripts to me and I decide if they will be run after looking at what they actually do.  I know how things work because I was a consultant.  To some very large companies.

I don’t care who you are or what company you’re with – the very fact that you peremptorily demanded I hand over the keys to the castle to you means you are unqualified idiots, unfit to shine my shoes.  No, you do not get root, or even user level access to my systems.

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