Today’s random thought

This isn’t really sysadmin-specific.  Or even computer-specific, although it does reflect directly on a particular developer I have the misfortune to work with.  It’s more of a general comment on all work environments.

Your office is not your home.  You do not need all the comforts of your home.  You are not here to sit back and suck down a beer while watching your favorite sports team in a background window that happens to be full-screen on the 24 inch secondary monitor.  You are here to work.  That’s why they call it “work”.  You do not need to have your already-budget-restricted employer buy you your own sharding desk fan in order to do your work.  If your work environment is really that intolerable, then maybe you should seek a different job – or a different career.  In the meantime, how about you do your job and stop whinging about not having an ionic fan on your desk?  That would be good.

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