And I had such hopes…

I thought you were starting to get better.  I thought you were starting to gain a clue.  Now I know that it was a disillusionment on my part.

So, let’s go over a few things you’ve done wrong.

First, your major outage this week.  You planned to outage, notified everyone, then you let Nagios alarm CRIT when you powered the systems down.  Then you went and ACK’ed the alarm.  Well, stupid, you’re doing it wrong.  What you should have done is to schedule downtime for those hosts inside Nagios, not allow them to alarm and then ACK the critical down state.  In effect, you’re saying “it’s unplanned, it’s not supposed to be down, I’m trying to get it back online”.  No.  You’re an idiot.

Now I find another virtual machine that you installed and that you didn’t install VMware tools on.  Hey, stupid, I’ve told you before – not installing VMware Tools make the guest’s performance go to complete crap.  You really do need to buy a clue.  I’ll even give you a quarter for it!  And just for kicks, why the hell did you install CentOS on this machine, when we have effectively unlimited copies of RHEL available – you know, the version that has actual, *support* available?  The one that all the vendors test against?  The one that doesn’t take 5 extra months to release a major update because one person got into a snit and couldn’t be arsed to do his part for the release?

You are a moron.

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