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Thursday, August 5th, 2010

So I’m starting to deploy an OpenNMS instance for monitoring here at work.  I’ve played with it a bit previously, to test-flight it, and I’m overall quite impressed with it.  I do have a few things I’d like to see fixed, though – starting with the service configuration scheme.  Why in the name of the Little People is this done inside an XML file?  Honestly, I think it should be done inside the GUI and stored in the database – don’t make me write ugly XML when you can give me a nice GUI to create new services.

Okay, I understand that it would take a major effort to revamp that.  I can even understand, to some extent, why it was done that way in the first place.  But, I really do feel like this is something on the minus side for ONMS.

On a related note, The service pollers are all in one huge package, which makes it a bit difficult to change out what services get auto-discovered on what nodes when you want to exclude certain services from certain nodes to avoid false outages.  This is fairly trivial, in all honesty, but it’s still something that bugs me.  I’ve redone my poller configuration file to split the services, so I’m not having problems, I just really would like the sample to be done as a split set of poller packages.

I’ll write more as I play with it more, I’m just starting things right now – the production version has been active for all of 15 minutes.