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Gratuitous insults and other tech annoyances

Friday, March 4th, 2011

On Wednesday of this week I received what was easily the most offensive email I’ve ever gotten in my career.  It was a one-sentence email written in response to my creation of a new virtual machine which was a direct result of a programmer’s request for said virtual machine.  It said,leaving out the salutation and signature areas:

Please get <redacted>’s permission before creating new VMs, volumes and services.

What that means is that I’m no longer allowed to do my job.  Or at least significant portions thereof.  I’ve been reduced to the equivalent of a level 1 helpdesk weenie.  I am being micromanaged.

Today, it got worse.  Yes, believe it or not, there was a way in which it got worse.  The gentleman that sent that message now claims he is merely asking me to follow pre-established policy regarding system maintenance, a policy which I have been following, but which (the last time we discussed it) specifically did not cover routine things like this.  Why?  Because this isn’t really a system maintenance – at least the simple addition of a Windows XP virtual machine isn’t – it’s sort of like adding a PDF file to a wiki page.  Something that’s done all the time as a routine, regular, understood part of the job.

And yet today, the person I’m supposed to get permission from couldn’t even explain, at a third-grade level, how a hardware-based firewall is supposed to work.  At all.  And this is the joker I’m required to get permission from in order to do my job?

I need a new job.