My game is back…

… and I am on top of it once again.

I’ve been at the new job for a week now – today starts my second week. I’m really enjoying this new gig so far – I’ve already had a pretty big impact on how RHEL installs are done, and that project isn’t even as fully complete as I’d like yet. I’m already comfortable with the new way of doing things, and I think I’m about to get official blessings to roll out a new package build system, which in turn will get integrated with the Satellite for package deploys. That will take a few weeks to complete, and that’s just the beginning of what I want to do here.

Not only that, but my coworkers, and in particular the lead UNIX admin here, have already repeatedly demonstrated just how much better they are at both technical and interpersonal matters than my last boss. I made a typo yesterday that took me and the lead admin about 30 minutes to figure out, and he told me he would “correct the problems caused by PEBKAC”. Not only does he know what PEBKAC means without having to look at the (mostly erroneous) definition in Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary, he actually uses the term correctly! My last boss (supervisor and boss, really – and yes they were separate people) had no idea what the term even meant, then when I explained it to them, and explained how I used it, told me I was wrong. Umm, excuse me, I am not wrong about how I used it, you are wrong for not knowing popular well-known slang from the industry you’re in.

I really am in a way better place now than I was a month ago.

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