Some things corporate recruiters need to know…

This morning, I got an email from an internal corporate recruiter by the name of Natalia Delape at Peoplefluent. It was sent to me through LinkedIn. This isn’t that unusual, I get anywhere from two to five inquiries about open positions a month, and I’m usually willing to simply reply with a polite “No, thanks, I’m happy where I am.” and move on. Truth is, I am quite happy in my current position – it’s a great company and I feel like I’m having a significant positive impact on the company.

This one, I wasn’t willing to be so polite. Why not, you ask? Well, the email sent to me was a form email, with absolutely no individual, specific, personal information in it – it might as well have been from a Nigerian 409 scam artist as from an actual company. Second, the job description had absolutely zero relevance to my skillset, as would have been self-evident had Mz Delape bothered to read the job description and the first line of the summary of my LinkedIn profile. So she basically wasted my rather valuable time by making me do research on the position that she should have before contacting me.

I wonder how Peoplefluent can be such an excellent staffing firm if their own internal recruiters are so bad at their jobs? I mean, Peoplefluent claims right on their website that they were named a “Market Leader” for “Recruitment” – yet their own internal recruiters are the next best thing to small shell scripts?

Mz Delape was evidently a bit miffed at my response, telling me she did not appreciate my tone, and that she was “just doing [her] job.” Well, Mz Delape, I really don’t give a rat’s ass that you didn’t like my tone. Number one, you clearly weren’t doing your job, or you wouldn’t have contacted me about a position that I don’t even begin to have the skillset for. Number two, I don’t appreciate you wasting my valuable time because of your refusal to do even a basic skim of my profile before clicking your cut-n-paste message on it’s way to me.

Thankfully, not all recruiters are quite so bad at their jobs. I was placed in my current position by TekSystems, and before they even submitted me to any positions they took the time to get to know me, and more importantly, get to know my skillset and what I wanted out of my next position. It took about 6 months and eight on-site interviews before I got an offer, but of those 8 on-site interviews, there was only one company I was unsure of going to work for. Yes, it takes a bit longer to get a job, and it takes a bit more work on the recruiter’s side, but trust me, the karma you build up by actually doing your job well is worth it. Plus, the IT community is smaller than most recruiters might think, and we all talk to each other. It might not be a 1960’s sorority house gossip line, but when a bad recruiter hits one area sysadmin, pretty soon the entire RTP community will know to avoid that person or company, and your emails will get killboxed, so you won’t be able to find any qualified staff.

Peoplefluent, if you waste my valuable time like this again, rest assured I will send you a bill for recruitment services, since your internal staff is totally unable to perform their duties adequately.

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