My Happy Place

I have an awesome job right now. The group I work with is talented and open about sharing information. The management team is supportive of the workerbees like me, and even lets me vent when I need to. Which I unfortunately need to more often than I should.

Like today. I ran into two head-scratchers within 10 minutes of each other today. First was when I tried to find out why a Tomcat user was required for a new system when the old system didn’t have Tomcat anything. Nor does the new system. As it turns out, they tried to load the new system with Tomcat at first, since it made more sense to do so that way in our environment. Well, then the consultants on side told us that Tomcat isn’t really supported as well as the advert / marketing materials say it is, so we punted back to the “old” way of doing things – but didn’t bother to remove the Tomcat user bits. So yes, we have a Tomcat user running a suite of JBoss BPMS processes that have nothing to do with Tomcat… and I sometimes wonder why our user authorization scheme is so dorked up. Well, no longer.

The next one hurts a bit more, honestly, because it comes from people that I expect to know better. The aforesaid BPMS system is having performance issues, I’m told, so the consultants want me to replace OpenJDK with Oracle’s JDK, because “the font packages are supposed to come with the JDK”.

Wait, what? Since when do font packages come with a freaking JDK? Especially when the font packages you asked for were installed separately from any JDK anything via a “yum install” dealing with – wait for it – X font packages!?

Two nights ago, I met a current employee of Red Hat at the climbing gym, and mentioned my dismay at the support org’s response to a ticket one of the on-site consultants filed. I would like to apologize for that assumption, since I now realize it was an apporpriate response given the consultant’s demonstrated skill level. The response which would have annoyed me was indeed completely appropriate for this consultant – an unfortunate fact which reflects badly not on RH Support, but on RH Consulting.

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